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By purchasing a ticket you will be entitled to participate in the game, as soon as all 98 tickets are sold, all those who have one or more tickets in their wallet will automatically receive the respective NFTs without having to do anything.

Buy your tickets now and get ready to play!


Ticket price: 0.1 BNB


NFT stands for non fungible tokens and it will be yours only as a unique digital asset that you can later sell for higher profits. To buy Crypto Puzzle’s NFT, you will first have to buy some Binance coins (BNB) which you can get via a FIAT on-ramp service like Binance or PayPal or Revolut. From there you can transfer Binance coins you just bought to your MetaMask wallet and buy your first NFT. For more detailed tutorials you can use YouTube to search for how you can buy Ethereum.

Crypto Puzzles NFT will be automatically send to your wallet at the end of the private sale, but before you can see the ticket that you bought, in your wallet.

Yes! You’ll have full commercial rights over your Crypto Puzzles as long as you hold it.

The private sale event will be accessible through our official website only. During this event, you will be able to buy a ticket to receive a Crypto Puzzles NFT at a cost of 0,1 BNB. After this initial process, you can trade your Crypto Puzzles on our marketplace, and you can showcase on your wallet and any BSC based marketplace.

You can check on the NFT’s background and look on the number tag. Each puzzle’s piece will be numbered in order to make it easy recognizable piece’s combinations.
The holder may send to Crypto Puzzle’s contract address, available on the collection page, the NFTs (two or more) that combine with each other. Once the holder have sent the NFTs combination she/he will receive immediately back one NFT that represent the combination realized (like in real jigsaw puzzle where combining two or more pieces will result in one piece!).



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